Major sponsor unveiled as women's and junior rugby competitions return in 2024

Tue, May 21, 2024, 5:00 AM
TAS Rugby
by TAS Rugby

Tasmania’s revamped premier women’s and juniors rugby competition returns this weekend with 13 teams set to take the field in 2024.

In a major step forward for women’s rugby, this year’s statewide competition sees the format shift from seven-a-side (7s) to fifteen-a-side (15s) rugby. 

Eastern Suburbs, Launceston, Glenorchy and Taroona will all field standalone teams in the inaugural women’s 15s tournament with University and Hobart Harlequins merging to form a fifth side, Uni-Quins.

Meanwhile, Devonport, Taroona and Hutchins (linked to Hobart Lions) will all contest the U18s state title with Glenorchy and Launceston joining in a five-team U16s competition.

The Tasmanian Rugby Union is also excited to formally unveil TasNetworks as naming rights partner for the state’s premier women’s competition and junior pathways for the next three years.

Tasmanian Rugby Union president Shaun Killian warmly welcomed TasNetworks’ investment into women’s and junior rugby, saying: “TasNetworks are a socially aware organisation committed to working alongside the state’s rugby community and making a meaningful difference to the lives of Tasmanians, now and into the future.” 

“TasNetworks’ support of Tasmanian Rugby in 2024 and beyond extends the active role they play investing in programs that deliver sustainable outcomes and create positive change.”

Round 1 of the Women's, U16s and U18s competitions kick off this weekend with Rounds 1-5 fixtures listed below.

Women's Round 1 - Saturday May 25

Uni-Quins v Launceston (Rugby Park) - 1:30pm

Glenorchy v Eastern Suburbs (Eady Street) - 1:30pm

Taroona BYE

U18s Round 1 - Saturday May 25

Taroona v Hutchins (Rugby Park) - 12:15pm

Devonport BYE

U16s Round 1 - Saturday May 25

Glenorchy v Launceston (Eady Street) - 12:15pm

Taroona v Hutchins (Rugby Park) - 11:15am

Women's Round 2 - Saturday June 1

Taroona v Launceston (Rugby Park) - 1:30pm

Uni-Quins v Glenorchy (UTAS Oval) - 1:30pm

Eastern Suburbs BYE

U18s Round 2 - Saturday June 1

Devonport v Taroona (Don Rec Ground) - 1:30pm

Hutchins BYE

U16s Round 2 - Saturday June 1

Devonport v Glenorchy (Don Rec Ground) - 12:30pm

Hutchins v Launceston (War Memorial Oval Hutchins) - 12:30pm

Taroona (BYE)

Women's Round 3 - Saturday June 15

Launceston v Glenorchy (Royal Park) - 1:30pm

Eastern Suburbs v Taroona (North Warrane) - 1:30pm

Uni-Quins BYE

U18s Round 3 - Saturday June 15

Devonport v Hutchins (Don Rec Ground) - 1:30pm

Taroona BYE

U16s Round 3 - Saturday June 15

Launceston v Devonport (Royal Park) - 11:00am

Taroona v Glenorchy (Rugby Park) - 12:15pm

Hutchins BYE

Women's Round 4 - Saturday June 22

Launceston v Eastern Suburbs (Royal Park) - 1:30pm

Taroona v Uni-Quins (Rugby Park) - 1:30pm

Glenorchy BYE

U18s Round 4 - Saturday June 22

Hutchins v Taroona - 1:30pm

Devonport BYE

U16s Round 4 - Saturday June 22

Launceston v Taroona (Royal Park) - 12:30pm

Hutchins v Devonport (War Memorial Oval) - 12:30pm

Glenorchy BYE

Women's Round 5 - Saturday June 29

Glenorchy v Taroona (Eady Street) - 1:30pm

Eastern Suburbs v Uni-Quins (North Warrane) - 1:30pm

Launceston BYE

U18s Round 5 - Saturday June 29

Taroona v Devonport (Rugby Park) - 1:30pm

Hutchins BYE

U16s Round 5 - Saturday June 29

Glenorchy v Hutchins (Eady Street) - 12:30pm

Taroona v Devonport (Rugby Park) - 12:30pm

Launceston BYE

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