Newsletters 2021

SOAKS 1971 Senior Premiership side

SOAKS Newsletter Edition 1, 2021

In this edition: Tasmania v France 1972; Day at the Beach in January; Recent drinks with Dave Standish; Vale Greg Pullen

1971 New Town High U16s Premiership

SOAKS Newsletter Edition 2, 2021

In this edition: Drinks at Tom McHugo's Hotel; contributions to schoolboy rugby; spotlight on Peter Riley; season 1975 is celebrated!

SOAKS 1983 Premiership Squad

SOAKS Newsletter Edition 3, 2021

In this edition: 1981 Reserve Grade Triumph; 1983 Senior Team; Balladeer Leigh Sealy

SOAKS Bledisloe Tour 1980

SOAKS Newsletter Edition 4, 2021

In this edition: Profile Robin Kerstan; Remembering 1971 SOAKs Colts; Remembering Bob Newman

SOAKS v Convicts Match

SOAKS Newsletter Edition 5, 2021

In this edition: Club Champion Steve Colles; step back to 1969 and 1979; upcoming clash between Convicts & SOAKS;

SOAKS in 1990

SOAKS Newsletter Edition 6, 2021

In this edition: Reflecting back on Greg Hill; University Rugby in early 1960s; reflections on 1990

Tasmania 1985 State Representative Squad

SOAKS Newsletter Edition 7, 2021

In this edition: Reflections on Garth Barnbaum & Phil Eldridge; Reserves of 1977; season 1982

Tasmania 1973 U18 State Representative Squad

SOAKS Newsletter Edition 8, 2021

In this edition: 1970s schoolboys rugby action; Chief Hawker reports on events in Townsville; recount of season 1983

SOAKS get together at Tom McHugos

SOAKS Newsletter Edition 9, 2021

In this edition, there is a special tribute to Ron Ward, the year in review and list of upcoming events